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About Dr. Worms

The Dr Worms brand is owned by Kookaburra Worm Farms Pty Ltd. (KWF)

We are a family owned company based in sunny Queensland. KWF is owned by George and Katherine Mingin.
We have been in the worm business for over 28 years and we started KWF over 15 years ago.

George and Katherine purchased the Dr Worms brand in 2015, and have been slowly and quietly building the
brands reputation as the best and most reliable supplier of live worms and worm eggs.

KWF is now the largest single producers of worms in Australia and we are proud of the fact that we grow the
largest variety of worms and the best quality worms on the market.

It’s now time to share our accumulated knowlege and wisdom of the fascinating world of worms and
recycling, so sit back grab a cuppa and come on a journey of learning that we hope will inspire you in helping
us to create a better world for all, through working and recycling with worms!

A complete guide to composting with worms — Everything you need to know to get started

This Complete Guide to worm farming is different to everything else you can find on the web. It is an original guide written by George who has over 25 years of worm farming experience. It debunks many of the myths surrounding using worms to recycle your kitchen, garden and pet wastes.


Get access to exclusive worm content

Free composting with worms guide

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